Some in the catalog of products sold subject to the commission trade. In the catalog of such products are appropriately marked

Almost all the electronics (excluding commission items) are imported from abroad on an advance payment under the order. The site is given its existence in a warehouse in China or in Bulgaria . In the price list shows the price in Moscow without the cost of delivery.

Cost of delivery depends on the particular goods, their quantity, weight, dimensions, delivery location, etc. It is calculated individual when ordering a product.

Terms and conditions of supply of the electronics have to agree over the Internet or by telephone. The average delivery time of electronics from abroad in Moscow or other regions of Russia after the payment is approximately 10-15 working days. Since coming to Moscow ordered goods are sent on to your address.

Delivery to other regions of Russia and abroad made the manner specified on the site after 100% prepayment.

Warranty on all new and some commissions (if not previously specifically mentioned) devices is 12 months. For them there is and after-sales service. We are the intermediaries between buyers and suppliers for warranty and post warranty service electronics.

The discrepancy described in the technical characteristics of the site, or attached to a real instrument of documentation, as well as factory marriage entails a free repair or replacement of equipment or refund the buyer. All breakages associated with improper operation of devices or illiterate, are not considered as a warranty, and financial costs of repair, etc. produced by the user.

Payment in cash is in U.S. dollars, as in rubles - at the rate of sale of Raiffeisenbank (Russia) on the day of payment or bonuses. The latter applies to a bank or other ruble transfers.

When sending the ordered goods to you by express mail DHL, UPS, or EMS, you reported the number of your consignment. This allows you in real time to track the movement of your goods at the relevant transport company.

With legal - as well as with individuals, if necessary, shall contract for the provision of services to deliver devices from abroad.

Missing auto parts are available at the moment as they arrive at the warehouse.

All financial and other relationships with customers are occurring under the current legislation of Russian Federation. Therefore, we bear the financial, civic and legal responsibility for the proper execution of their obligations to deliver the right buyer of goods.

All devices are sold for official use only!!! If you use them for any illeagal purposes, this is your own responsibility!!!